why ‘fresh’ juices at the store are not as fresh as you think: it’s all in the conservation – HPP

Is drinking juice from grocery shops the same as eating fresh fruit?

This question consumes a lot of beginners in their healthy-lifestyle journey, unaware of some of the disadvantages that arise with “processed juice” conveniently found at grocery stores and other shelves, which is a simpler way to describe High Pressed Processed (HPP) juice.

While HPP’d juice stabilises the bacteria and can preserve some nutrients longer, the quality of the juice is noticeably diminished. A very large amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables are completely killed by HPP for the sake of keeping juices on the shelf for several months. So you’re getting a tasty juice, but don’t benefit from it that much.

At Seaside Juicery, all juices are cold-pressed with no HPP involved. Once cold-pressed, our juices are then very quickly bottled so as not to be oxidised and kept refrigerated before sales on the same day or the next.

At Seaside Juicery, we focus on high quality and organic products to give you a boost of immunity with the natural vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants that are present in cold-pressed juices. Ethically-sourced and environmentally-aware, we create with respect for people and the planet in all that we do.

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