About Seaside Juicery

Curiosity led us here, and around the world. Wandering time zones, between the rhythm and recipes of the freshest juice shacks we could find. Weaving our way through coastal streets in search of best-kept smoothie bowl secrets. Exploring fresh fruits and funky vegetables in local markets, and new ideas on our journey home to you.

Following this curiosity for the flavours that make the moment—from coast to coast our adventures led us to discover that the seaside is not only a special place, but a feeling too.

A feeling of aliveness and wonder for the world. A special feeling that’s in every bottle, every bowl, and every one of us at Seaside Juicery.

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We invite you to join us in the Seaside way of life. Where friends and flavours meet, and living in the present moment is as important as gathering all that you need for the next one.

For that first rush of vitamins to start your day, to giving you the stamina to cross the finish line, our crew craft cold-press juices and creative bites bursting with original flavors to live your best life. With a mindful balance of the freshest and healthiest plant-based ingredients, our menu is designed to nourish your day, and all its potential.

Ethically-sourced and environmentally-aware, we create with respect for people and the planet in all that we do.

For anyone seeking to infuse their day with enthusiasm and energy, we have the nutritious and delicious, originally-crafted goodness to celebrate life.

What we do

We create cold pressed juices, smoothies, plant-based meals and bites that are nourishing, original, honest and good.

How we do it

We are sourcing mindfully, creating meticulously, crafting originally, operating inclusively and behaving sustainably. Our approach to food, is in harmony with our times.

Why we do it

We aim to nourish people with the right level of boost & optimism, to help them lead toward a healthier & better future.

What we believe in

By acting mindfully, eating consciously, and celebrating life,
we can inspire others to live to their fullest potential and a life that’s in synced with the respect of our planet, our health and the animal cause.

about seaside juicery monaco - organic fresh cold-pressed juice