general questions

Seaside Juicery products are 100% plant-based. This means that none of our products contain animal derived ingredients - for sustainability reasons, for sympathy toward animals raised in horrifying conditions and for the greater nutritional benefits that plant food can provide. For example, we never use cow milk in our smoothies, but homemade nut mylk instead.

Each of our juices are cold-pressed, using a commercial hydraulic press. How we cold-press our juices retain more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants than regular juices - it also produces less waste! This method retains the highest nutritional values compared to other juicing techniques on the market.

Our cold-pressed juices are made with the X1-Mini Goodnature machine, which is a market gold standard. A genuine Goodnature cold-press juicing process is two steps. First, the fruits and veggies are chopped by the grinder without using any heat, then, they fall directly into the hyrdraulic press that squeezes every drop of juice. The adaptative pressing system squeezes ingredients with the right amount of pressure to extract all the goodness! All of the indigestible fiber including skin, seeds, and stems are left behind in the Goodnature FreshFilter® press bag, which we then compost or reuse for other recipes.

HPP means High Pressure Processing. While HPP’d juice stabilizes the bacteria and can preserve some nutrients longer, the quality of the juice is noticeably diminished. Many great nutrients that are in freshly made juices are completely killed for the sake of storing it for several months on the shelf. We prefer to focus on high quality products to give you the best level of boost and immunity you need.

Juice is the liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables through a filtering process that retains the fiber, it contains all the good nutrients and enzymes to support a healthy immune system and microbiome. Those nutrients and enzymes are absorbed and digested by the body in matter of a few minutes, the nutrients go straigh to your bloodstream. Through fresh organic juices, we get all the benefit of the fruits and vegetables without stressing our digestive system. A smoothie is a beverage that can be made from blending fruits, vegetables, liquids and other superfood together. It can contain fiber but the fiber is usually chopped through the blending process to its finest. A smoothie has a thicker texture, contains more calories, it is more filling and can provide a good balance of fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A smoothie can be a meal in itself.

Milkshakes are more commonly known as guilty pleasures, because aside from a couple of fruits, they contain in majority dairy milk (which is sweet and full of glucose) on top of ice cream, added artificial flavors and sweeteners. On the opposite, a smoothie is made by blending a majority of fruit and vegetables, topped with plant-based mylks, water, orange juice or coconut water to smooth the texture. There are no added artificial sugars or flavors. At best, there is a little bit of agave or maple syrup to elevate the flavours. Please note: we do not offer Milkshakes as we do not believe they are healthy for you.

Our recipes are crafted by nutritionists, naturopaths, chefs, and our trained founder. They have ensured the right balance between fruits, vegetables and superfood. It is important to know that the sugar from fruits is natural - it is processed differently than processed sugar by our metabolism (fructose, sucrose and glucose). The fructose from fruits can only be harmful if consumed in very high quantities and in addition to processed sugar.

we are 100% dairy free and all of our products are gluten free. for more information on allergens, please see our allergens page.

We take food allergies very seriously because we know how complicated it may be to live with them. All ingredients and allergens are listed in our product descriptions. You can also consult the list of our products & allergens at this link.

juices & smoothies

Juices and shots should stay in a refrigerated environment until you’re ready to enjoy them.

We source mindfully by being 100% organic and by selecting local producers as much as possible, while also updating our menus on a seasonal basis.

Our cold-pressed juices are 100% fresh and natural; we proudly make our juices in our kitchen every day. Nothing is processed, and a large amount of our ingredients comes from farms nearby. There are no added sugars, no additives and most importantly, we do not dilute our juices.

We freshly squeeze juices throughout the day, which all have an average shelf life of 72 hours. They do no contain preservatives and are not pasteurized or treated with HPP (High Pressure Processing) therefore they need to be consumed fairly rapidely. In doubt, all our bottles have a label with “Best if Used By DD/MM”.

Our smoothies are made directly after you order them. We recommend to consume them right away or within the hour to ensure it retains its freshness and highest quality in terms of flavor and nutritional value. Some smoothies will oxidyse faster than other as some ingredients are more fragile like the blueberries for instance.

Each and every fruit or vegetable has its own molecule identity, which also varies with how ripe or mature the fruit or vegetable is. Hence, every single one tastes different. The seasons change, and so do our fruits and vegetables. Tastes and colors may vary slightly due to those factors and to seasonal changes. Although we do our best to keep consistency in some areas of our menu, when it is not possible, we move on to other more seasonally appropriate recipes.

We are using the strongest cold-pressed technology on the market that extracts the most nutritonal values and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. The masticator juicing machines that some other places use don't extract as much nutrients as our commercial hyrdraulic cold-pressed juicer.


We have selected the vegan bottle because we believe it is the stronger environmental choice, as well as a practical choice for the daily. The vegan bottle is an innovation from organic bio-sourced material, which helps fight against the pollution caused by our traditional plastic containers. It is 100% biodegradable, reusable, and the material makes it a lot less heavy compared to glass bottles. It is a better choice for our environment and for our community.

We encourage our customers to reuse our vegan juice bottles at home as many times as possible. You can even bring your bottle back to our outlet to get a new serving of juice or smoothie in it, along with a discount in return! As for disposal, The vegan bottle can be put in the normal trash as these bottles do not generate greenhouse gas emissions when they burn. You can also put the bottles inside the yellow recycling container, however it costs more energy for it to be recycled than disposed.

Our organic fruits and vegetables are sourced locally as much as possible. However, there are some organic exotic fruits that we use for a limited amount of our recipes, and for those, we are careful to source in controlled and fair trade environments.

order & delivery

For regular ordering, we only deliver in Monaco for now. For catering requests placed in advance, we can deliver within a few miles from Monaco in PACA Region.

Shop in Store: It takes 2 to 5 minutes to pick up your juice or meals and pay. For smoothies and 'made to order' meals, although it takes around 5 minutes to prepare, the wait will depend on the amount of items you've asked for. call and Collect: Your order will be ready by the time you come and pick it up. We ensure to prepare your order just in time for your arrival, so it is as fresh as possible. For Delivery: It takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on rush hours and how early in advance you've placed your order.

Yes absolutely, we ideally need 24 to 48 hours for a large order over 10 juices or smoothies.

Yes, it would be our pleasure to be a part of your celebration. We invite you to give us a call and/or fill out the 'catering' form on our website.