Our goal is to support plant-based living, and encourage sustainable practices, to help build a healthier and better future, for this generation and the next ones.

Our approach to food is in harmony with our times:

  • we are sourcing mindfully,
  • creating meticulously,
  • crafting originally,
  • operating inclusively,
  • behaving sustainably.
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Waste Reduction

  • We reduce food waste as much as possible by using our left over juice pulp. The remaining food waste is turned into an organic compost that we donate for use in soils.
  • We limit the use of straws, unnecessary cutleries and napkins by offering our clients only the necessary.
  • We encourage our customers to bring their bottles back to the store – or to bring their own container.

avoiding plastic

  • At Seaside we have never considered anything but sustainable bottles for our juices. Because there should not be another option today; no matter how difficult it is, we want to have the least impact.
  • For all other cups and to go containers, we use plant-base or paper containers that are recyclable or biodegradable and will never use plastic, which causes a real threat to our environment.
sustainable electric delivery bike - seaside juicery monaco

Carbon Emission Reduction

Our delivery crew uses electric cargo bikes because we want to contribute to a greener city, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce noise and help declutter traffic in a heavy traffic city while promoting healthy habits. Good habits start internally with our own team!