cold-pressed juices

deep green

kale or leafy green, cucumber, apple, celery, lemon, ginger

poids / contenance

the deep green is the ultimate detox juice. Particularly rich in potassium, it cleanses the body in depth and protects our cells from free radicals thanks to its many antioxidants such as vitamin c or quercetin.It is the ally of slimming diets thanks to the draining benefit and also preserves our vision and our skin thanks to its beta-carotene content without forgetting its benefits on the nervous and immune system by its high content of vitamin b9.

sweet savoury
fruits veggies
aids weight loss

discover the cold-press cleansing perfection of the detoxer. rich in potassium and antioxidants like vitamin c to aid the protection of cells, it also provides beta-carotene that supports sight and skin for the ultimate detox. nourish your curiosity and own your health.

Nutritional facts (Per 100ml)
• Energy : 28,4Kcal
• Total Fat : 0,6g
• Inc. saturated fat: 0g
• Total carbohydrates : 4,3g
• Inc. natural sugar : 0,7g
• Protein : 1,3g
• Fiber : 0g
• Salt: 226mg